Advice To The Aspiring Model – How To Get Scouted

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. When thinking of a model most of us would probably immediately visualise a six foot beauty with a fair complexion, radiant skin and gorgeous hair. However, this is not what model scouts look for. They look for people with natural beauty and a wonderful personality that complements it.

Some models were lucky and they were offered opportunities at unexpected moments. Some of them never even hoped to be in the fashion industry. However, if you are someone hoping to pursue the career of a model here are a few helpful tips.

Photos and videos

A Dubai model agency always looks for natural beauty. Scouts look for potential models in small time fashion shows as well as malls, parks, restaurants and the list goes on and on. Most models were hired when they were casually dressed in a t-shirt and jeans with no make-up. So, when you send your photos make sure they are natural shots with no make-up, preferably in a casual outfit.


The latest methods of scouting are using Facebook and Instagram. Some agencies encourage aspiring models to hashtag their photos in a certain way, so that they can easily find you from anywhere in the world. Do your research and look for opportunities.

Be careful

If you are approached by a scout at a random location, never give your personal details without checking their credentials first. Get a contact number promise to get back to them. Check their websites and see if the model agency is reliable before getting back to them. If you are below 18 years make sure you involve your parents with your decision. There are so many fake scouts who are waiting to exploit young and eager models.

Be persistent

If you have not yet got a positive response from any place you have applied to don’t give up. Keep looking for opportunities to showcase your talent.

Opportunities for disabled models

If you have a disability, don’t despair. There are numerous organisations that recruit people with disabilities for modelling. There is less competition for this type of models compared to fully able models, but no less opportunity. Keep trying if your initial attempts fail. Every events agency has specific criteria they look for. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place.

Have a pleasant attitude

Have a pleasant, easy going attitude. It makes working with you likeable.

Having a positive attitude is the key to success. It is a highly competitive field and there will be numerous occasions where you just have to hold on in spite of unpleasant circumstances. Contrary to the popular belief, having a pretty face alone is not enough to get about in this field. However, once you make a name for yourself there will be no end of opportunity.

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