Primary and additional costs of domestic, commercial cleaning services

Cleaning services are offered for various cleaning of objects and rooms, walls, windows, doors and sometimes all the objects in the room of your house and objects. Before availing these services, you need to consider the total cost of the cleaning and then get into the agreement of the services. Like many other services, professional cleaning services are offered charging you both primary cost of the services as well as the additional costs that you do not expect them to pay for. Let us see various costs charged and various units of charging for cleaning by the cleaning companies.

The primary cost of the cleaning services is charged per objects or per unit. These companies do charge you based on two important factors. The first factor is the number of rooms that you have in your home or office. The charges would be then applied for total number of rooms, irrespective of objects which include all the objects cleaning at your place. However, a big room is also treated as two or sometimes even three rooms, based on its size. Another important factor is per square feet. No matter how many rooms are there, what matters is the size of your entire home or office. Exterior house washing in Brisbane may charge a little less than the commercial cleaners in this regard. Most of the time a company sticks to one method of charging instead of both.


The primary cost of the cleaning must include all cleaning related charges like the cost of the labor, cost of the cleaning solutions and materials etc. without additional columns of them in the final charge bill.

Apart from these primary costs, there are additional costs that would be expected to be paid by you. These surcharges or additional charges generally include, some or all of the expenses like travelling expenses of the labor, first visit expenses, per odor removal charges, removal extreme stain or spotting on the objects like carpets by carpet cleaners, special protection treatments of the objects etc. These expenses must be ideally discussed by the companies, before the agreement done by both the parties. However, if not specified, you should ensure that these expenses are paid by the companies or would be burdened on you.

So, adding up the primary and additional cost of the cleaning services is the total expenses paid for the cleaning. This becomes your total budget and the decision of choosing the respective company finally can be decided on one of this budget factors. It avoids further arguments post to the services rendered.

There are many cleaning companies which offer you huge discounts on these costs. Beware of such offers with lowest quotes as it may not finally deliver the services to the expectations of you. These are the warning signs that should foster you to enquire about the services of the companies for the reliability factor.

There are also companies which offer integrated services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, washing and ironing, after end of tenancy cleaning, cleaning help before party events and cleaning help after party events integrated with domestic or commercial domestic services. Such offers can be useful which brings complete new look and serves multiple purposes.

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